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High Park

After the High Park fire of 2012, the City of Greeley, Larimer County and the City of Fort Collins chose Western States Reclamation to begin the process of planting seeds to bring vegetation back to the barren, fire-scorched area. WSRI responded quickly by aerial seeding and mulching with helicopters to help quickly establish new vegetation and protect exposed bare soil from erosion in High Park. WSRI then provided continuous follow up work to institute growth in the area.

When the rains started falling in the summer of 2013, The downstream residents and government authorities were nervous. They knew that without vegetation to control erosion, there is an exponential amount of flood risk after a major fire like the one that ripped through the area in a one month time frame.

Western States’ crews had continued to work the area continuously and instead of mudslides and massive erosion, the wood mulch and new vegetation held the burn area largely intact through the pounding rains (described by weather observers as a 1000 year flood) and the storm water was effectively managed.


High Park


City of Greeley, CO


Fort Collins, CO

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