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Cherry Creek Corridor Improvements

Beginning in the Fall of 2020, Western States Reclamation had the privilege of working with CEI, Mile High Flood District and Mueller on a project spanning from Quebec to Iliff in downtown Denver. The project worked to reclaim and restore a large strip of underdeveloped and eroding property between the two intersections. The project created new habitats for wetland species as well as a large, open space park complete with trees, native grasses and shrubs, a stabilized bank for the creek, and crusher-fined paths for the public to enjoy.

Another major improvement to the property was adding creek stabilization with blanket, willow logs and wetland plugs. Prior to the improvements, the erosion along the creek’s edges was a major issue as a flooding hazard. WSR restructured the entire bank edge on either side of the creek to ensure it would stay structurally sound. Because the creek is flushed annually, the bank stabilization is a huge piece for erosion control as well as public safety.

Even before the open space park was officially open, often crews would receive kind words and gratitude from passersby and local residents, expressing their excitement for the improvements. Omar Vasquez, WSR’s maintenance foreman on the project, said, “Our crew received many compliments from the community on the hard work that Western States put into making this a beautiful place. Our crews took great pride in those compliments…it was great to see so many people use and enjoy the trails and to see the vegetation establish more and more with each visit.” By the last days construction, the public had truly began to claim the park as their own and utilize the space as it was intended to be. Wildlife and people alike can now enjoy a safe and beautiful new park for years to come.


This project was the Engineering Excellence Award winner as part of the 2022 CASFM Conference.

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