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East Troublesome Fire

The fall of 2020 was a massive period in Colorado for wildfires, including the East Troublesome Fire, now the second largest fire in Colorado history. Over 190,000 acres burned over the span of a few weeks, spreading quickly with high winds and the conditions left behind after a dry season.

The following year, WSR became part of the recovery team in order to help mitigate the worst of the burn scars. Mud slides, land slides, flooding and erosion are extremely dangerous hazards post wildfire, and for many of the rural, high elevation communities in Grand County, these conditions were very real, and very concerning.

In only a few weeks, WSR covered thousands of acres in tree mulch harvested from the surrounding burned areas and dropped from large nets attached to helicopters. The mulch acts as natural soil stabilizer, and damns rain water and melting snow before it can move downhill and build into floodwater.

Today, undergrowth from the aerial mulching has begun to take root in the previously destroyed soil.


Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)


Grand County, Colorado

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