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Green Acres Tributary

Western States Reclamation partnered with the Mile High Flood District to complete a large reclamation and stormwater management project near the southern junction of E470 and I25.

The project consisted of seeding and blanketing both sides of a large creek bed for stabilization and a mixture of straw and hydro mulch along the hillsides parallel to the creek. Over 18,000 willow plugs and 1,700 willow plants were hand installed along the creek, as well as an above-ground irrigation system set to water periodically throughout the week. New EFUs were created with some of the willow plugs in locations where wetland species can assist in controlling the flow of stormwater and keep the water clean. WSR also provided weed control and irrigation maintenance to ensure the success of the new vegetation.


Mile High Flood District


Parker, Colorado

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