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Cameron Peak Fire

In the Fall of 2020, Northern Colorado was doused in thick smoke and ash for months as local firefighters and law enforcement fought two of the largest fires in history for the Front Range. One of these two fires, The Cameron Peak Fire, burned over 208,000 acres, becoming the biggest and most catastrophic wildfire in Colorado. The Poudre Canyon, a vital watershed for downstream communities and a major area for tourism, hikers and backpackers, became a high risk area for flooding and mudslides, putting thousands of visitors and residents in danger. In addition, the fire affected multiple mountain communities and neighborhoods, roared through three different counties, and drastically altered three separate watersheds as well as connected reservoirs in the area.

To counteract these conditions, WSR partnered with the City of Greeley and the Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed to aerial mulch the most severe burn scars, beginning in 2021 and continuing into 2022. The burnt trees from surrounding areas were utilized as mulch for the project, allowing the burned material to be used in the land’s recovery. Phase one of the project was completed in the Fall of 2021, while phase two was completed in the Fall of 2022. Phase two was completed in just 55 days, covering over 5,000 acres.


City of Greeley


Poudre Canyon, Northern Colorado

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