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Berthoud Reservoir

Western States Reclamation (WSR) was contracted by the Town of Berthoud to make improvements to the Berthoud Reservoir which had become an unusable water source due to years of siltation and reducing storage capacity by almost 15%.  The improvements included reconfiguring the structure of the reservoir, dividing it into two cells, with the East cell deeper than the West cell for water quality purposes, and adding an internal bifurcation dam.

Due to excess groundwater the project had an extremely soft sub-grade and required extensive dewatering and use of track hoes and haul trucks to navigate the project conditions.   Approximately 75,000 cubic yards of soil material was stripped and stockpiled from the existing reservoir body. In addition, nearly 37,500 cubic yards of soil material was placed and compacted for the bifurcation dam. Three concrete water-intake structures and associated piping were constructed to convey water from the ineffectual water cell into the potable water cell and from there to the water treatment plant.

The improvements expanded the reservoir’s capacity from 450-acre-feet to 574-acre-feet – prior to the improvements, the sediment had reduced what could be used to less than 400 acre feet.

Working within a residential area, WSR managed dust and noise control to ensure minimal impact to the neighborhood. Upon project completion, the Town of Berthoud contracted a change order to build an additional boat dock and utilize excess PVC piping for a recreational catfish habitat.

The project was a catalyst for continued improvements made to the reservoir as the Town of Berthoud has made the reservoir a recreational open space with trails and amenities for the public’s enjoyment.

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