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Aurora Filing 1 & 2

Aurora Filing 1 & 2 is approximately a 70-acre site that was landscaped with both formal and native landscaping. The site location is south of 26th Ave between Moline St and Clinton St. in Aurora, Colorado in the area of the former Stapleton International Airport.

WSR’s scope of work included 3 fully automated irrigation systems that provided coverage to the entire site. WSRI installed all formal and native landscaping throughout the site which consisted of native seeding, sod installation and planting as well as urban drainage work that tied into Westerly Creek in Aurora. WSRI also installed one custom shade structure and two full-sized baseball fields during the course of construction.

The largest challenge overcame was coordinating work over such a large site and working with the owner to prioritize areas that needed to be completed. Site amenities such as the baseball fields and shade structure had strict deadlines that WSR had to meet with subcontractors and limited crews which kept the tempo of work at a very high pace. Even though WSRI worked at a fast pace, safety was always at the forefront of this job. WSR coordinated safety with multiple general contractors working at same time. Another challenge was the procurement of plants in the summer of 2017. WSR had to procure material from several sources at different times to complete the project.


Aurora Filing 1 & 2


Aurora, Colorado

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