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US 6 & 19th Street

The construction project, tagged as “Linking Lookout”, was designed to lower US 6 so it would be one continuous road without an intersection. Previously connected to US 6, 19th Street transformed into a wide “lid” over the highway which provides commuters with roundabout access, paved trails, park space, and a small amphitheater on top of the highway. The purpose of this project was to not only help through-traffic on US 6, but to connect the Golden neighborhoods west of US 6 to the rest of Golden.

Working with lightweight Hydrotech components in windy conditions proved to be a challenge here. Crews had to make sure that all of the components were anchored at all times during the construction process. The site is subject to high winds coming off the foothills into town. Accessing the rooftop with equipment was limited during the construction because of the waterproof membrane that was in place. WSRI had to utilize a slinger truck to import materials into the roof garden area. Since this was the first roof garden assembly in Colorado, all materials had to be perfect as far as weight and quantity in order to ensure the weight distribution over US 6 was to specification. With the large scale roof garden project over I-70 happening in the near future – this project proved to be a sample and learning opportunity for that particular work.

Photo Credits: THK Associates

US 6 & 19th


Golden, Colorado

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