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I-25 & Cimarron

The I-25 & Cimarron project was focused on the reconstruction of the interchange between these two roadways in order to improve interstate operations including the ramps, vehicle safety, and efficiency of traffic flow. WSRI played a pivotal role when it came to the implementation of the aesthetic portion of this project such as revegetation, landscape plantings, and stream bank enhancement.

WSRI installed large-scale irrigation systems in order to sustain this new revegetation and landscape. This process included tree, shrub, grass, and riparian willow plantings, Erosion control BMP’s, and over 1 million square feet of combined riparian and native seeding.

When excavating a portion of this project, crews ran into old decorative stones which were determined to have been a part of the old First National Bank building that was demolished in 1955. At the time, those stones were used as fill from the torn down building. Some of these stones were recovered and used as parts of a landscaping wall which WSRI was able to construct along part of the project.

Photo Credits: THK Associates

I-25 & Cimarron


Colorado Springs, Colorado

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