StormwaterStream Restoration

Left Hand Creek at Bielins-Hock

The Bielins-Hock project is located on 800 linear foot reach of the Left hand Creek southwest of Longmont, CO. The overall goal of the project was to mitigate flood damage to the reach and to increase the overall resiliency of the stream corridor. WSRI was awarded Bielins-Hock project through a competitive bidding process with Boulder County. The project is in a public and well-traveled location running adjacent to Highway 119 and the Longmont to Boulder (LOBO) Regional Trail. Traffic control and public safety were critical to the project’s overall success.

WSRI’s detailed scope of work consisted of permitting, traffic control, site survey, stormwater management, clearing and grubbing, channel shaping and realignment, bank stabilization, riprap installation, soil lift installation, placement of woody debris for wildlife habitat, earthwork, installation of cottonwood and willow poles, and revegetation.

WSRI worked closely with the project engineer and plant ecologist during the course of the project to mitigate on-site challenges and provide a successful end product to the owner. One of the project highlights was the 850 linear foot koir wrapped soil lifts that help armor the banks and protect the counties nearby infrastructure. WSRI had been working on the project since late August of 2017 and finished the plantings and revegetation around the end of the year.


Longmont, Colorado

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