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Encana Oil and Gas

WSRI implemented erosion control measures and earthwork operations for 53 remotely located oil and gas pads in 2008 and in 2009. During the construction WSRI was able to overcome project challenges with well organized and forward thinking project management and scheduling. Project challenges consisted of:

  • Long hauling distances to project sites
  • Extensive distances between project sites and water sources
  • Restriction of working hours around active well pads

Between the 53 well pad sites WSRI installed over 16,000 square yards of erosion control blanket, 30,000 linear feet of erosion control wattles, and 18,000 linear feet of new fencing. Coordination with other service companies in the area that also utilized access roads into the remote sites was also critical to the delivery of successful projects.

Project Notes:

– Over 80 acres of weed free straw applied and crimped.
– 124 acres of Flexterra flexible growth medium (FGM) applied to reduce erosion and increase and accelerate seed germination success.
– Client utilized WSRI’s environmental consulting capabilities to establish revegetation, maintenance and performance standards.
– Certified application of Terra Flash colorant on 4.8 acres. Terra Flash was applied to enhance the aesthetics of the applied erosion control slurries. WSRI is one of two certified companies for Terra Flash application in the region.


Encana Oil and Gas




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