Areas of Expertise

Western States Reclamation, Inc. (WSRI) has the technical expertise, trained staff and specialized machinery to promote reclamation success in a variety of climates and site conditions. We have a soil scientist, a range scientist and a registered landscape architect on staff and have completed numerous reclamation and land restoration projects which included collection of baseline soils and vegetation data followed by preparation of comprehensive revegetation and erosion control plans. We have successfully worked with acid bearing soils, alkaline soils and sodic soil conditions by recommending and utilizing proper soil amendments and soil preparation techniques.

WSRI is a service oriented company that strives to provide our clients with high quality and cost effective projects that will sustain themselves over the test of time. The staff at WSRI is proud of their ability to maintain high level of service for customers whether the project is thousands of acres in size or less than one acre. WSRI has maintained the ability of effectively working on large and small scale projects by assembling fleets of equipment and trained personnel that are versatile and ready to mobilize. WSRI’s fleet of equipment, one of the largest fleets of its kind in the western United States can be seen by following the link below. Take notice of the fleet of large hydromulchers and fold out implements designed to cover large areas and increase production while maintaining quality.

Reclamation For:

Exploration Drill Sites, Coal Bed Methane, Gravel Quarries, Hazardous Waste Sites, Highway Corridors, Landfills, Mined Lands, Mountain Developments, Oil and Gas Drill Holes, Open Space Areas, Pipelines, Transmission Lines, Wetlands Mitigation, Fire Restoration

Reclamation Techniques

Broadcast Seeding, Wildlife Habitat Creation, Drill Seeding, Erosion Control Fabrics, Hydromulching, Hydroseeding, Irrigation Systems, Soil Preparation, Straw/Hay Mulching, Tree and Shrub Planting, Wetlands Plantings, Wildflower Seeding, Fugitive Dust Control Agent Application, Specialized Soil Amendment Applications, Earth Work.

Western States Reclamation, Inc. has been a pioneer company in the field of Stormwater Management and Erosion Control even before the Phase I and Phase II of Clean Water Act were established. The founders of Western States Reclamations, Inc. were involved in erosion control planning and construction activities on agricultural land, mined lands, oil and gas locations and commercial construction sites since the mid 1970’s. Our staff has academic and professional training in the fields of regulatory compliance and soil loss modeling using the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE). We bring to our clients years of field experience and cost effective installations due to our large contract volume in this field.

Current Client Profiles

Land Developers, Home Builders, U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, BLM, Departments of Transportation, Railroads, Oil & Gas Companies, Coal Bed Methane Producers

Services and Techniques

Planning, Permitting, Training Workshops, Silt Fence, Erosion Bales, Sedimentation Ponds, Temporary Seeding, Temporary Mulching, Continuous Berms, Erosion Blankets, Water Bars and Diversion Dikes, Straw Wattles and Erosion Logs, Rip Rap, Vehicle Tracking Pads, Concrete Clean Out Structures

Western States Reclamation, Inc. specializes in working with the client to create a functionally designed landscape, utilizing specialized techniques which lower maintenance costs and amend troublesome soil conditions.

Landscaping Services For:

Airports, Golf Courses, Housing Developments, Commercial Shopping Districts, School Campuses, Streetscapes, Urban Green-belts, Trails, Campgrounds and Playgrounds

Landscaping Scopes of Work:

Turfgrass Seeding, Wetland Mitigation, Light Earth-Shaping, Concrete Bike Paths, Decorative Boulders, Decorative Rock, Irrigation Systems, Pump Stations, Networked Central Irrigation Control Systems, Landscape Maintenance, Retaining Walls, Turfgrass Sod, Soil Preparation, Trees and Shrubs, Xeriscape Installations

Western States Reclamation, Inc. (WSRI) is pleased to introduce our wildlife habitat construction services for private ranches and farms. WSRI has been providing land restoration and reclamation services throughout the western U.S. since 1983. Our clients include the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Managment, large mining and oil and gas companies along with many other city, state, and federal government agencies. Many of WSRI’s land restoration projects include construction of wildlife habitat.

The principals of the company are avid hunters and land conservationists. They have hunted extensively in the U.S. and internationally for big game, upland birds, and waterfowl. The principals of WSRI also own several farms in western Kansas that serve as corporate and private hunting preserves. Significant habitat construction and stewardship has been completed on the farms by WSRI’s crews over the past several years. The farms are now recognized by local wildlife officials and district conservation offices as some of the best wildlife habitat in the area. Federal government cost share programs were used when available to construct a portion of the wildlife habitat.

WSRI’s project experience, large inventory of land restoration equipment, trained supervisors, and operators makes us a perfect fit for your habitat improvement work. We can make a significant impact on your wildlife numbers at a cost effective rate. Our specialties are habitat construction for upland birds, waterfowl, muley and whitetail deer, elk, and turkey.


Shelter Belt Construction, Food Plot Installation, Shrub and Tree Planting, Drip Irrigation Install (Shelter Belt Plantings), Fertilizer and Soil Amendment Application, Disking and Ripping, Drill Seeding (Native Grass and Forbs), Hydraulic Seeding and Mulching, Hay/Straw Mulching, Prescribed Burning, Bush Hog Mowing, Herbicide Application, Pond Construction, Stream Channel Restoration, Brush Clearing, Water Guzzler Construction.


Additional Services:

  •  Soil Surveys according to USDA Standards
  •  Soil Interpretations for Land Use Planning
  • Soil  Fertilizer and Amendment Recommendations
  • Soil Erosion Loss Modeling utilizing RUSLE2 Computer Model
  • Topsoil Salvage, Stockpiling and Replacement  Planning
  • Vegetation Mapping
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Vegetation Surveys
  • Noxious Weed Mapping
  • Wetlands Delineations
  • Comprehensive Revegetation and Reclamation Planning
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Wildlife Surveys
  • Expert Witness Testimony for Natural Resource Damages