Post Wildfire Response & Mitigation

Within the last few decades, wildfires have become a more common threat to communities across the country. Just within the last few years, both New Mexico and Colorado had the biggest wildfires on record burning hundreds of thousands of private and federal land. Apart from the obvious destructive impact of wildfires, their aftermath is often just as devastating, as the hydrophobic soil left behind can cause flooding and mudslides. These runoffs often clog or pollute existing rivers and streams, or they create their own, pushing sediment and water into areas unprepared for the onslaught. Watersheds and reservoirs are then disrupted, impacting communities even hundreds of miles away who rely on them. 

When left unchecked, post-wildfire conditions can mean disaster for thousands of people, businesses and environments. 

Western States Reclamation has taken part in post-wildfire restoration with the help of partners in environmental science and preservation as well as local authorities of the areas affected by the fires. WSR has assisted in the revegetation of thousands of acres, both federal and private land, advancing recovery timelines by years. 

Within just a few weeks, WSR has the capability of covering thousands of acres with material, working 7 days a week from the beginning of the project to the end.

Pictured are mulched areas only one year out from treatment.


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