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Kern River Apex Expansion Loop


This project involved revegetation services along 28 miles of some of the nation’s most challenging terrain. This section of pipeline traversed through numerous canyons and across slopes that were over gradients of 2:1. WSRI successfully and safely flew equipment, laborers and materials into a majority of the job site while maintaining an aggressive schedule. WSRI organized and safely directed 100 employees on the job to meet project goals. The pipeline right-of-way ran from urban North Salt Lake neighborhoods through rural mountain passes that exceeded 8,500 feet in elevation. Execution of the project took exceptional cooperation between the owner, the general contractor and WSRI’s team. WSRII was able to complete the project ahead of schedule; an accomplishment that many individuals didn’t think could be done. The project ended up being one of the most difficult revegetation projects that WSRI/WSRII completed in its 29 year history.


Barnard Pipeline, Inc.


Salt Lake, Utah

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