Chenoweth & Associates Environmental Consultants, LLC

ConsultingChenoweth & Associates is an environmental consulting firm specializing in environmental assessments, natural resource evaluations and reclamation planning.  Our consulting efforts are tailored to meet the client¹s needs while complying with applicable agency regulations and recognized environmental standards.

Our staff includes individuals with academic and professional backgrounds in soils, vegetation inventories, environmental assessments, wetland delineation, wetland mitigation design, NEPA documentation, development of erosion control plans and reclamation planning.  Chenoweth & Associates often works in concert with its sister company; Western States Reclamation, Inc. in implementing many reclamation and mitigation designs.   This added expertise in implementation of reclamation techniques can often result in cost savings to the client.

Chenoweth & Associates is committed to excellence and to meeting our client’s expectations.  The company can develop specific management strategies that complement the client’s needs and requirements.  Our past project experience is varied, including small scale revegetation plans, comprehensive environmental/baseline studies, NEPA documents, reclamation plans, wetland delineation/mitigation and permit applications.  View our Statement of Qualifications.


  • Soil analysis and planning
  • Vegetation analysis and planning
  • Reclamation Planning
  • Permits Compilation
  • Overburden Services
  • Nepa Compliance
  • Wetland analysis, permitting and design
  • Wetlands Delineations
  • Vegetation Mapping
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Vegetation Surveys
  • Noxious Weed Mapping 
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Soil Surveys according to USDA Standards
  • Soil Interpretations for Land Use Planning\
  • Soil  Fertilizer and Amendment Recommendations
  • Soil Erosion Loss Modeling utilizing RUSLE2 Computer Model
  • Topsoil Salvage, Stockpiling and Replacement Planning
  • Comprehensive Revegetation and Reclamation Planning
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Wildlife Surveys
  • Expert Witness Testimony for Natural Resource Damages
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    • Municipalities
    • Engineering and Land Planning Companies
    • Government Agencies
    • Gravel Quarries
    • Hazardous Waste Generators
    • Private Land Developers
    • Landfill Operators
    • Mining Companies
    • Oil and Gas Companies
    • Utility Companies
    • Industrial Land Owners
    • Corporations