Pikes Peak Alpine Revegetation


PROJECT: Pikes Peak Alpine Revegetation CLIENT: City of Colorado Springs Utilities LOCATION: Colorado Springs, CO WSRI completed revegetation work in accordance to the Pikes Peak Revegetation Plan designed and engineered by Smith Environmental. The work consisted of transplanting alpine plugs, soil conditioning with organic fertilizer, seeding and mulching, and installation of erosion control devices on […]

Highway Shoulder Revegetation Projects


PROJECT: Highway Shoulder Revegetation Projects CLIENT: Department of Transportation LOCATION: Throughout Western United States Projects include all facets of seeding, mulching, fertilizing and erosion control netting utilized in the reclamation industry. Currently WSRI has completed DOT projects in Wyoming, Kansas, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nebraska.

Interstate 76 Atwood – Sterling


PROJECT: Interstate 76 Atwood – Sterling 
CLIENT: Castle Rock Construction 
LOCATION: Sterling, Colorado This project spanned for 10 miles between the towns of Atwood and Sterling. The entire north side, median, and south side of I-76 was treated with over 20,000 yards of compost material applied with 4WD tractors, towing specialized compost spreaders. Soil tillage, […]

BNSF Railroad Canadian Texas


PROJECT: BNSF Railroad Canadian Texas CLIENT: BNSF LOCATION: Canadian, Texas Slope grading and reshaping to repair washouts in the slopes along the railroad right of ways occurred on this 40 acre project. WSRI utilized a dozer to cat track some of the slope areas. Seeding was done using a broadcast seeder specially designed for and […]