Western States Reclamation, Inc. has been involved in the restoration and stewardship of land since 1983 in Colorado and the majority of the Western United States. Since 1983, both owners and employees of Western States have taken great pride in the work they have completed and the client relationships they have built and maintained. One of the major driving factors behind WSRI’s success is the diverse scientific, construction and design backgrounds of the company’s staff. It is the combination of decades of experience along with client relationships that positions. Western States as a leading reclamation contractor and consulting company in the United States.

MISSION STATEMENT: WSRI’s mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations of excellence by providing the best product at a fair price through a staff that is a cut above the competition. In order to accomplish this mission, we strive to provide our employees with interesting work, constant challenges, input into the company procedures, and opportunities for advancement.

SAFETY MISSION: WSRI’s safety mission is to provide each of us at WSRI and the people we work around a safe work environment that does not negatively impact any person’s mental or physical well being.